TierkratZ (Michiel Van de Veire & Maarten Cocquyt), is a Ghent residing Dj/producer duo. Michiel and Maarten are two childhood friends who share a passion for early 90s house music. They started working as a Dj duo in 2009. This night soon became a residency and their reputation grew quickly. Trying to distinguish themselves from other DJ's and producers by opening their mind for all possible influences, they are gently working their way up. They made house in all her varieties as their trademark, deep/tech with a dose of soul. Their musical aesthetic is simply rooted in keeping a room alive. By focusing away from modern day glitz and glamour, TierkratZ instead walks the path of the intricacy ‘art’ of keeping club-goers moving. Describe them as the offspring of classic house DJ's and new generation of tech-house artists. Originating from Ghent/Belgium, they keep conquering more and more hearts of music-lovers.

2012 will be the year with some out coming productions. Solid drums, repetitive basslines and catchy vocals are the main ingredients to the house-dish these guys are serving.

2012 proves to be an essential introduction for these boys!

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