The 24-year-old electronic imagineer focuses on little more than the story of community, creativity and commitment that has taken him from warehouse parties in Los Angeles to a defining role in the modern zeitgeist.
“To be honest my vibe gets killed the most when I’m concentrating too much on what is around me and thinking too much about it all,” Moore states. “I have the most fun when I let my inhibitions check out, right at that point things just start to happen.”
It started to go well for Sonny when he filtered out the noise and distraction of his world as a solo artist and started mining the ephemeral moments he had been sharing with friends in clubs and parties across the city he calls home since his mid-teen years. The restless, urgent and kaleidoscopic sounds of EDM and bass music had spoken to him for the best part of a decade, one day he just started talking back.

“Making music is the same as DJing,” he offers. “You continue along the path that leaves you most inspired. When you think too much you put limits on what is possible, the best parts are always instinctual rather than something too considered or planned out.”

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