Live audiences expect more nowadays…and make no mistake, they’re about to get it! PureNRG is artist union, mission statement and live-on-stage concept concert all wrapped up into one. PureNRG is what happens when two forces of trance nature meet kinetically to perform their music live on stage. Those two forces are Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani. One, a scene legend and the powerhouse behind the rolling boulder that is the Pure Trance movement. The other, the first man on the planet to imagine (and then deliver) trance as a live artist performance and prime mover in the seminal, millennial Nu-NRG group. A connection of musical minds, creative ability and on-stage performance magnetism – in summer 2014, the difference between ‘live’ and LIVE! will be clarified.
PureNRG’s unique, custom-designed tech set-up hands greater ‘to-the-core’ control to the performers than has ever been delivered before. The tracks you hear aren’t coming from USBs or CD-Rs, they’ll be coming from inside the source instruments that made them. PureNRG will thus deliver unique no- two-experiences-alike shows. In what they term “an artistic quid-pro-quo”, the harmony, melody and Pure Trance code of Solarstone will fuse with the full-thrust of arch NRG-ist Ottaviani – a trade off of audio-DNA. You’ll hear the music of Ottaviani & Solarstone reimagined; exclusive new tracks, remixes and reinterpretations, but always 100% live, with all the unexpected turns, twists and thrills that only LIVE! delivers! The music you know, with spins you’ve never heard before… and – who knows – may never hear again.
This is not b2b, this musician-2-musician. Music creation, running in real- time, m2m, live on stage. You won’t believe it can be done, until you experience it being done!

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