Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz each have successful careers in their own right – so why New World Punx? It’s very simple, both have a mutual love for the classic trance sound from the early to mid-90’s; a period when some of trance music’s finest tracks were conceived. It all started with a conversation the two had about music and quickly turned into something bigger; both realized that they represent the opposite ends of the techno spectrum (Ferry on the melodic side and Markus on the harder side) but somewhere in the middle there’s an overlap that brings their sounds together. Based on this common thread and a desire for nostalgia the two started working together.
Not long after their production relationship began, Ferry and Markus were both booked to play Godskitchen in the UK. Rather than deal with politics and who would get top billing, the two decided to play together; to the tune of an 8 hour B2B set that brought back the old school vibe and jam session feeling. Subsequent B2B shows in Las Vegas and Echostage (now performing under the moniker “Trance Warriors”) caused a stir in the dance community and proved to both artists that they were onto something big.
Committed to taking the act to the next level, both realized they needed a name edgier and more connected to their own legacy than “trance warriors.” It’s a perfect split with New World Punx being created by combining the names of Markus’ own classic “New World” and Ferry’s “Punk.” Name in place, mission clear and “Romper” ready to go.

Together they are tough edged, driving and pure mayhem. They took down Madison Square Garden with 90 minutes of fire. They are New World Punx. 

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