Knife Party is a brand new production and performance experiment by two of the founding members of Pendulum, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.
While on tour promoting Pendulum's third album ‘Immersion’, Rob and Gareth felt the urge to start a new project with the aim of showcasing ideas which didn’t fit into the Pendulum mould, and decided to name themselves after their favourite Deftones song. Taking inspiration from a number of different genres, Knife Party are focusing their attention on everything except straight-up drum and bass. They are influenced by electro house, dubstep, moombahton / 110, drumstep and much more - however, they file it all under the singular banner of ‘seizure music’.
Their first ever show was headlining BBC Radio 1's ‘Come Together’ event at Space, Ibiza in August 2011. The crowd had never heard of them, and it was the first time that anyone (including their manager) had heard the music - yet their performance won over the crowd within minutes. Their set was broadcast live on Radio 1 and can now be found all over the Internet, with ‘Internet Friends’ becoming a viral hit overnight. Knife Party have already done a number of high profile remixes to date, including Swedish House Mafia – ‘Save The World’, Porter Robinson – ‘Unsion’ and Nero – ‘Crush’ as well as a huge collaboration with Swedish House Mafia entitled ‘Antidote’.
The rate of Knife Party’s ascension to the forefront of a burgeoning electronic music movement is unparalleled. In less than twelve months the whirlwind project has rocketed from an unknown entity into one of the most renowned dance acts in the world. And with the release of their highly anticipated follow up EP ‘Rage Valley’, the Knife Party phenomenon is set to continue apace.
Amalgamating a wide breadth of influences into their visceral productions, Knife Party is a heady cocktail of sounds that rips apart dubstep, electro, drum and bass and moombahton and fuses them back together into ferocious club tracks. This energy and excitement is wholly evident in the four tracks that make up ‘Rage Valley’. Their single Bonfire has lit up dance floors since it’s release with widespread radio play and both underground and mainstream recognition and the follow up single Centipede with it’s enthralling and brutal music video looks set to do the same.
The forthcoming year will see them continue touring throughout the US where their popularity is unfounded and throughout Europe, where their inimitably chaotic and razor sharp productions are exciting the masses. By the beginning of 2013 they will climb aboard the ‘Holy Ship!!’ concert tour in the Bahamas - a three night cruise featuring the top DJ's in the world performing multiple shows in five intimate venues on one incredible, epic voyage.

With this and much more to come, there is no doubt Knife Party will continue full steam ahead in 2013, unrelenting and delighting all with their infamous ‘seizure music’...

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