FCLFCL is the house project of Belgian DJ/producers San Soda and Red D, in which they indulge in making and playing house for the discerning masses. After a couple of early remixes it was their debut E.P. on Red D’s label We Play House Recordings that allowed them to come into house music prominence. The tracks ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘More Than Seven’ – featuring Belgian jazz diva Lady Linn -became staple songs for a who’s who of house DJ’s old and new and helped kick start the oldskool house revival of recent years.
Remixing Audiojack’s ‘Stay Glued’ into a monster beat that definitely did control dance floors all over the world proved that FCL wasn’t just a one hit wonder and predicted that it was just a matter of time before FCL would hit that zone between underground and crossover. An unlikely remake of an old Chicago house standard was FCL’s ticket out of the underground and into the bigger spotlight. Released as a 150 copies vinyl-only release on We Play House Recordings, FCL’s version of ‘It’s You’ – again with Lady Linn on vocals - was soon the object of affection for hundreds of DJ’s and punters alike and a digital licensing of the track by house music moguls Defected did the rest. FCL’s ‘It’s You’ – the San Soda Panorama Bar Acca Version (the only version, simply named like that after a serious Panorama Bar Sunday morning set) – became part of collective house history. ‘It’s You’ was subsequently remixed by a string of legends from MK to Larry Heard via David Morales to Mousse T.
But just like FCL had a long and fruitful life before ‘It’s You’, so they will in the near future. The follow-up to ‘It’s You’ came out on We Play House Recordings in the summer of 2014. 'Can We Try' again featured Lady Linn on vocals and has been remixed by Deetron. Recently FCL also had the honor to do a remix for that other UK house stronghold Crosstown Rebels, giving Kele Okereke’s ‘Candy Flip’ the FCL treatment.
In 2015 they had the privilege to curate an exciting volume in the Defected In The House mix compilation series, providing a lasting testament to their DJ’ing and vinyl digging abilities. For the occasion they made the track ‘Behold’, a deep house beauty that was made especially for this compilation.
The year 2016 will mark a more steady release schedule for FCL, with most notably a release on the revered American house label NDATL (run by veteran Kai Alcé), making the boys the first Europeans to ever release on that label. Next to that you can expect new heat on their home base We Play House Recordings and also a single on one of the oldest and most respected European house labels around. FCL, house music for all!
LADY LINNShe started writing songs immediately after the release of her previous record ‘No Goodbye At All’, and swapped the piano for the guitar. ‘I’m not that good on the guitar, but that was part of the game: I wanted to write really honest, straightforward songs. Just me and my guitar, not thinking of arrangements, just thinking songs.’ Inspired by the gigs she did with her house-project FCL, Lady Linn also wrote more direct, heartfelt lyrics. ‘The lyrics of the house classics I sing with FCL are pure gospel, uncensored, raw emotions – things like ‘Heal My Heart’ by Kerri Chandler. Singing those lyrics was a very liberating experience: it made me less self-conscious when writing my own songs.’ This new-found self confidence made Lady Linn also really trust others with her songs. First she brought them to guitarist Bruno De Groote (Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Axelle Red...). ‘A very honest and original musician. I gave Bruno my rather conventional soul songs, he could rearrange them as he liked.’ ‘High’ was produced by Renaud Letang (Jane Birkin, Feist…), with whom she also also worked on her previous record ‘No Goodbye At All’. The French producer is another kindred spirit that Lady Linn trusts 100%. ‘Renaud really took the songs in a different direction - the beats and electronic sounds are all his idea.’ 
‘Feeling Me’, the song with the ‘If feel so free’-lyric that could easily be this electronic record’s statement of intent, is a very simple piano song. ‘I have this habit of leaving ideas for songs on my voicemail. One day I listened to old voicemails and I accidentally stumbled upon the very first ‘voicemail’-version of ‘Feeling Me’. I was shocked how good that a capella sounded, so much better than the energetic dance studio version Renaud and I had made of the song. We both decided that ‘Feeling Me’ should get its initial pure sound back, just added some piano.’ This anecdote illustrates perfectly how the musical freedom that Lady Linn explored on her new album never interfered with the essence of her craft: recording the best songs possible.

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