You know you are dealing with something real, when the passion that drives it is so magnanimous, it tends to race by you and leave you feeling as if you were just struck by a storm. It’s called talent, and Marijn Heylen and Sam Bombeeck have been blessed with a double serving of the stuff.
Heralding from Antwerp, Marijn and Sam are slowly but surely making grounds shake as fans across the globe eagerly –and willingly- surrender to their refreshing renditions of familiar tunes.  By rarely playing the original version of a track, but by choosing their own re-edits instead, the crowd is constantly treated to unexpected twists and interesting new plots. This is what fuels a powerful machinery of sexy melody and tunes. The effect of this unique approach is unparalleled: as the audience cries out for more, Marijn and Sam embrace the challenge to raise the stakes.  And so the energy rises to finds its way to even higher grounds.
As they prepare themselves for the next chapter of their journey, they can already look back at a first few years ridden with success. Tomorrowland Brasil, Tomorrowworld, Laundry Day, a long list of international gigs and even a supporting display of true showmanship for Miley Cyrus and Avicii: these are but a few highlights to mark a history that is still very much in the making.
The true magic resides in their friendship and a deeply rooted foundation of mutual respect. Without a perfect blend of passion, precision, eagerness and determination, they would just be making noise.  The blueprint of this collaboration is based on equal measures of give-and-take, so the fruits of their labour can naturally progress. Their production skills are a testament to this. Their debut single “Thunder,” released in 2014, immediately showcased just how much their finger was on the pulse. And that was just the first of an impressive list of productions that continued to hit the spot.
Craftsmanship aside (these guys truly give wizardry a whole new meaning) it’s the sum of many parts that makes an experience with Double Pleasure quite unforgettable. These guys are exactly what you need them to be: easy-going, fun-loving and privileged with shitloads of talent. They are also unpretentiously skilled, hard-working and down-to-earth, as if they were simply born to deliver. “Double Pleasure” really says it all. It’s about opening up to opportunity and making hearts pound. Now that they’ve captured the crowd’s attention with the uniqueness of their sound, they won’t stop until the whole world knows. This story is forever unfolding, so don’t miss out on the ongoing beat. There is an endless source of pleasure that resides deep within two souls. So tune in, and party on.

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