André Galluzzi has been a vinyl DJ for 25 years. With residencies at TRESOR, OSTGUT and BERGHAIN and releases on labels like CADENZA; COCOON, OSTGUT TON and HIGHGADE, the co-founder of TAKSI Rec. and label head of ARAS can look back at quite a history.

Born in 1973 in Frankfurt, Germany, André becomes dedicated to the fascinating world of rhythm early on. Working as a bartender in a club he gets the chance to fill in for the DJ at sweet 14 - an experience that changes the course of his life. 

Excelling behind the decks, he is a regular in a variety of clubs by the beginning of the 90`s. In 1994 he starts working for the renowned record distributor Neuton, where he meets PAUL BRTSCHITSCH. One year later André and Paul found the label TAKSI. Becoming a resident at Berlin’s famous TRESOR in 1996, André moves to the German capital. With the opening of OSTGUT, the parent club of well-known BERGHAIN, he lands his second residency.

After the OSTGUT closing in 2001 André releases the legendary Mix Compilation ANDRÉ GALLUZZI: IM GARTEN and creates a new event series called SUBMERGE, running for two years. Famed for his intoxicating 10-hour sets and playing regularly at AMNESIA, IBIZA, André finds his place at the newly opened BERGHAIN. 

In 2005 he takes up a studio cooperation with GUIDO SCHNEIDER resulting in various releases on CADENZA, COCOON or HIGHGRADE, including their favored track ALBERTINO in 2007.

Looking for a new playground, André establishes the label ARAS in 2011; a platform for him and up-coming talents to broadcast innovative and unconventional sounds. The same year André releases his third mix compilation STADT STRAND FLUSS, followed by joint productions with DANA RUH on OSTGUT-TON and COCOON. One year later André launches the party event WE PLAY VINYL, a statement of dedication and support for vinyl records.

Taking inspiration from his second home base London, he creates several productions for CADENZA, COCOON and BAR 25 in 2013. In January 2015 he released his debut solo album ALCTRAZ on ARAS.

Regardless of busy schedules, André always keeps space for creativity and continues to push boundaries to surprise yet another dance floor.

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